May 12, 2017

Richard Lamos

Early 2017 was the time to move the shop from our old location on Tunnel Road to the new, bigger, badder, doper, sweeter location here in sunny West Asheville!  We are now located at 742 Haywood Rd, in just about the best location for a tattoo shop that one could hope for.  We officially opened in February and we are still settling in somewhat, but feeling comfortable and really enjoying the new digs.  Come visit us!

May 17, 2017

We are pleased to announce that now at Bliss Tattoo we have a piercer!  Welcome to Amber Meredith, a friendly and knowledgeable professional, who can assist you with any of your body piercing needs and questions.  If you stop in to our shop in West Asheville you can check out her supply of piercing jewelry.  Its nice to have a piercing place here on Haywood Road, we are happy to say we are the only tattoo shop on the street to also offer piercing. 

May 25, 2017

Richard Lamos

Here's a brand new underboob tattoo on a good friend and client who will remain unnamed due to the super secret nature of the piece.  Here at Bliss Tattoo in Asheville we value your privacy and are happy to do tattoos for you that only your closest friends and lovers will ever know about, and we will do the tattoo in a relaxed and private environment, always making sure that you are comfortable in our professional environment.