​Amber Meredith

Amber Merideth was born in Asheville, NC and grew up here as well. She has spent her life being fascinated by body modifications and dreamed of becoming a body piercer. After years of working in the food service, customer service, and retail worlds she made her way into her dream career. She managed a tattoo studio in Hendersonville, NC during and after her apprenticeship in Duncan, SC. Once Amber was released and able to serve the public she hasn't looked back. Amber has been piercing professionally for 6 years and is well versed in a wide variety of piercings. She performs everything from simple ear lobes to intricate ear projects and both male/ female intimate piercings. Amber's favorite stones are opals, but she can help you select the perfect one for you from hundreds of different combinations. She uses jewelry only from companies that use ASTM certified surgical implant grade metals. Some of those companies are Infinite, Leroi, Anatometal, Neometal, BVLA, etc. Amber refuses to provide anything she herself would never wear.

Richard Lamos

  Bliss Tattoo is owned and operated by Richard Lamos.  Richard is from Boulder, Colorado.  He has been an artist since he can remember, some of his earliest memories are of drawing, and by middle school he had begun painting and knew that he wanted to spend his life making art.  His family moved to South Florida when he was young, and by the end of high school, many of the influences that would shape much of his life were in play, including an interest in spirituality, use of hallucinogenic substances, and the very first tattoos, age 18, handpoked onto willing and happy friends.

   After finishing high school, he moved to San Francisco, where he attended San Francisco Art Institute, which he found to be a great experience but he did not finish there, as he felt it was not supportive of his artistic endeavors, including tattooing.  There was a period of many months backpacking through Mexico after leaving California, a formative experience for Richard, sparking a love of traveling, of the people and places down South, and included forays into the psychedelic worlds to be found in some of the native plants. 

  Richard next moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he began a formal tattoo apprenticeship with Robert Meyers, at Body Images Tattoo.  At age 23, this was obviously one of the most important times of his life, and will always feel a debt to Robert.  He next worked with Darrin White, at House of Color Tattoo, and then also with Cap Szumski,  at Timeless Tattoo, who Richard credits with helping to refine and develop his tattooing skills.  He remained in Atlanta for around four years.  Wanting to live in the desert for a while, he moved to Tucson, Arizona, where he was fortunate to work with Keely Tackett, an accomplished tattooer and a great friend.  While enjoying his time in Arizona, including some time in Flagstaff, he eventually decided to take another long trip, this time to Costa Rica and Peru, working in Keely's shop in Costa Rica and mostly exploring the Amazon basin area of Peru, experiencing the kindness of the people, and again finding inspiration in nature.

    Upon returning to the US, he went to Asheville, North Carolina, and is grateful  to Brian Reaid at Ace of Spades Tattoo for providing employment.  After a few years Richard was able to open Bliss Tattoo in 2012.  Richard is thankful for all of the amazing clients that allow him to continue to make a living doing what he loves.

  Richard is a Buddhist, practices meditation regularly, and now considers this to be his primary spiritual path.

To see more of Richard's work, including painting, please visit his website, richardlamos.com.