Richard Lamos​​


The artists here at Bliss Tattoo are dedicated to providing custom, unique artwork for each and every customer.  Please visit the "paper" page of either Richard Lamos, Chris Guarascio, or Jade Napier to see some of their tattoo designs, ready and available for the discerning client.  Once any of these designs have been tattooed, they will not be tattooed again, allowing each customer to have an individual piece that they can be proud of and know that no one else has their same tattoo.  Or simply allow yourself to be inspired by the work you see, and when you're in Asheville, come talk to one of the tattooers here to have your dream tattoo designed, just the way you like it.  Or email or call us to begin the design process.  The artists at Bliss have plenty of experience designing custom pieces for clients and will work patiently with you to realize your vision. 

Please visit one of our artist pages to view tattoo designs.