October 14, 2015

Richard Lamos

Here's one recently finished on another person pretty important to me, my brother, Colby Lamos.  Colby and his family moved to Asheville a couple years ago  and its a pleasure and honor to do more work for him and his wife, Ivey.  Their daughter Nova is only six years old so we'll have to see whether she gets into tattoos or not.  Colby was first tattooed by me before he was even 18, and has been going strong since.  The piece I did for him reflects the style I was most working with at the time, I think of it as Space Energy, obviously some cosmic tattoo style going on, with geometric patterns reminiscent of DMT visuals.  Its nice having a brother who lets ya do the type of tattoo work ya like!

Richard Lamos

November 15, 2015

So here is another design I'd love to tattoo, I think it has something to do with spaceships, I call it Star Ships.  There are mechanisms in place.  While these fuckers yell outside I build you crystal cities.  Come get tattooed, this one could look cool anywhere, obviously wouldn't end it in the shape of a rectangle but let it flow wonderfully into your blank skin or other tattoos.

April 22, 2016

Richard Lamos

Here's a brand new tattoo design fresh from the brain of Richard Lamos, ready to be stabbed into your body for a small fee.  I'm calling him a Meditating Monster, I think he's pretty awesome.  Meditate, Monster, Meditate!! 

Custom tattoo designs conjured daily, fresh ink applied.  Thanks. 

October 3, 2015

Richard Lamos

We'll start this blog-type page of the website with a tattoo on my good friend Pooch, aka Robert Pucciarelli, accomplished tattooer and painter, owner of Altered State Tattoo in Florida.  I've had the pleasure of doing a couple short guest spots at the shop, and exchanged tattoos with Pooch, he did a killer trippy roller coaster skull tattoo on my leg, and I did this day of the dead hot air balloon on his.  Pooch is an influence and an inspiration, so to be able to do an artistic trade with him is an honor.  We're hoping to get him up here to North Carolina to do some Asheville tattoos!

March 4, 2016
Chris Guarascio

So, did some color dots the other day.. The design I made was just black but, my client later wanted some color in her life. So, she played with markers on the outline we started some months back then showed me a picture. If we were to have done color in the first place, the outline dots would not have been so heavy. In the end, I like the way the color came out. I definitely want to do some more.  Any takers?

Richard Lamos

August 19, 2016

Very glad to have finished this Tara Buddha sleeve for my good friend and client Ruby, we're both really happy with how it came out.  Any Buddhist images are close to my heart so it was a honor to get to do this tattoo for her.  Of course I would love to do more tattoos like this, please come by, call, or write Bliss Tattoo if you would be interested in getting a Buddhist Tattoo.  Thanks for looking!

Richard Lamos

January 7, 2017

I'm happy to kick off the new year with another big custom tattoo design, would work really nice as a sleeve or a leg piece.  Its got some crystal mountain elements, crystal temples, lightning, and some space type shit.  Basically what my mind is showing me these days, I'd love to tattoo it on you if you'd like, I think it would be pretty fuckin dope, nice and colorful and energetic tattoo sleeve situation.  Also available as a print or go ahead and buy the original!  Why not.  I love you.

December 15, 2015

Richard Lamos

Here's one on a great client, Tracey, who I have done a good deal of work on, who has followed me around to the different Asheville tattoo shops that I worked at before I opened Bliss.  This was the most recernt session on her Day of the Dead tattoo sleeve.  This one is a good example of how a  black and grey tattoo looks different when it is fresh, as opposed to when it is healed.  The top section is the newest, and you can see that it is a good deal darker than the rest of it, as it heals it will settle into the softer greys of the rest of the piece. 

Thanks, Tracey, looking forward to getting the inside part done!

Richard Lamos

May 5, 2016

Continuing with the monster tattoo design deal we have a selfish gas guzzling cute little baby getting eaten by a red monster.  I'm thinking we are the baby mindlessly consuming the resources of the planet, irresponsible, however the earth in horrible forms will in turn consume us, restoring balance.  So the monster is beautiful. 

That's one way to look at it, you're welcome to see it as you like it.  Come get it tattooed on you if you like it.  Disturbing Cute Dark Tattoos served hot.

April 12, 2016

Richard Lamos

Here's another example of the Space Tribal tattoo style that I've been enjoying, this was actually the first piece I painted in this style, and my client Burke Ulrey let me put it on his leg recently.  Here I'm showing the three different views, finally got around to working with Photoshop and I like the outcome.  I've been getting some good reviews on this one, if you're going to be in Asheville and you'd like a tattoo in this style, give an email or a call.  Thanks!

November 9, 2015

Chris Guarascio

A good night of laughs and tattoos for little friends in need. 

A short while back I was approached by my long time veterinarian and good customer to Bliss Tattoo, Dr. Heather Sinclair of Haw Creek  Animal Hospital and Meridian Animal Hospital about doing a little semi-private charity event with the staff.  Apparently do to time constraints and the overflowing needs of sick and injured animals, they were unable to attend a event by another Asheville tattoo shop.

After a couple meeting to square away details we set a date.

What a fun time we all had. To the left there, you can see a few of the tattoos done that night. By the end of the night we had raised a modest amount,  with Dr. Sinclair and her husband, Bob, matching dollar for dollar. This combined amount was then donated to the Asheville Human Society.

February 18, 2016

Richard Lamos

This one was a lot of fun, for my client DJ.  He Is probably my most heavily tattooed client, I've done most of his work.  Its an honor to see  how much work this guy has gotten done by me!  For this piece, part of a sleeve, DJ said he wanted a mushroom cloud with a skull in it, super cool.  I thought about it and asked him if he had any ideas on WHERE the explosion was taking place, he hadn't thought of that part, so I suggested making it Asheville!  We both live here, so it seemed like a cool idea.  Certainly it is with a sense of humor, I love where I live, so in a way it is giving props to our town.  Wicked fun to do an Asheville tattoo like this... KABOOM!!!

March 16, 2016

Richard Lamos

Pretty happy with how this tattoo turned out, morning glories in a somewhat unusual place, going all the way up the back of my client Cathy's leg.  She says she has these same flowers growing on her property, looking forward to Spring so she can get some photos of her leg with the real deal in the background.  I also included the rare photo of myself, doing the tattoo.  Thanks, Cathy!

I've been doing a lot of monster tattoo type stuff lately, demons eating babies and shit like that.  This one is happy because he found his heart, part of him even if it feels foreign at times.  Feel free to psychoanalyze me, I'm not quite sure where it comes from but its quite a lot of fun to tattoo and there seem to be a few people who like the evil tattoo.  Of course I always love the black and grey tattoo style.  Hit me up in Asheville if you'd like to get some odd dark tattooing poked into yer skin.

Richard Lamos

November 23, 2016

Here is an angled shot of the dragon backpiece tattoo I just finished, pretty happy with it.  I would love to do some more stuff like this, incorporating some of the space energy tattoo design elements and more traditional imagery like dragons.  Let me know if you would like to do a tattoo like this, I'd love to draw something for you.

Richard Lamos

September 13, 2016

So now I'm doing this space tribal tattoo design stuff in color as well, it feels like a natural evolution of the style and it sure is fun to work with.  This would be probably either be a sleeve design or a leg piece, but hell I suppose we could put it almost anywhere, there would need to be a lot of freehand anyway probably.  I can't guarantee it but I think if you had this tattoo it would allow you to grasp electric space serpents and smash mountains.  If you would like to get a psychedelic tattoo like this in full, bright, vibrant trippy color I'd love to do it for you.  Gimme a holler.

June 3, 2016

Richard Lamos

July 26, 2015

Richard Lamos

Here is a new one, Virgin Mary or Virgin of Guadalupe, a new take on a classic tattoo.  Fun tattoo to do on a good friend of mine, Esau, showing off the classic black and gray tattoo style.  Being a Buddhist tattoo artist I always love when people get spiritual tattoos, good to see people put their beliefs on their skin and I respect all forms of spirituality.  If you are thinking of getting a custom spiritual tattoo, please message me or come by the shop in Asheville to make an appointment.  Thanks.