Sometime in snowy March 2018 in Asheville...

And here we have an owl tattoo by Mr. Richard Lamos, in his definitive black and grey tattoo style, think this one turned out pretty good, a little dark now but will heal out lighter in the greys.  I love doing bird tattoos and designing custom tattoos for the lovely people, and the not so lovely people who I am sure are lovely on the inside.   Does anybody read this shit?  Who cares... Come get a tattoo.  I love you.  You are basically good and are an expression of the Luminous Awareness of the universe.  

No, really.

Thanks for looking.

April 10, 2018

Here's an ink painting that Richard Lamos did, yep, I think it would make a cool backpiece tattoo.   Of course I would also be happy to make a print of it for ya, hit me up at if you'd like to get one, or even if you just want to chat.  I'm approachable even if I look weird and scary.  I'd love to do some tattooing for you or sell you prints or meet at a café sometime to talk about Buddhism or whatever.  Does that sound lonely?  Aren't we all?  

February something

Richard Lamos

Here is a new tattoo design by me, I'd love to tattoo it on ya.  SpaceFace is my affectionate title for it, but who cares what you call it?   Super sweet trippy styley psychedelic cosmic action, baby.  Your friends will be so jealous of your new awesome tattoo that you got done in the black and grey tattoo style here in the tattoo Mecca of North Carolina, otherwise known as custom art awesome sweet tattoo design place Asheville.  Blah blah blah come get a tattoo.  Thanks.

January 19, 2018

Richard Lamos

Here's one in progress, bit of an erotic situation with some tentacle tattoo action.  I love weird sexual tattoos, I love weird sex, I love tattoos, hey why not.  Jump on the psychedelic love train, baby.  Come get tattooed in West freaky Asheville.  Love ya.

January 11, 2018

Richard Lamos

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Friends, happy fucking new year, thought we'd start this one off with this super duper sweet mayan priest skull tattoo designed and executed by yours truly, Richard Lamos.  Happy to be doing custom tattoos on good folks (and dirty bad folks) in the new year in the lovely town of Asheville NC.