Thanks for viewing this online tattoo portfolio of the tattoo artist Richard Lamos. 

Richard has been tattooing for around twenty years, and has been in Asheville since 2012.  Coming from Boulder, Colorado, and having lived in San Francsico, Atlanta, Tucson, and various and sundry other places, he has spent his life perfecting his tattoo technique, and draws on loads of interesting and ridiculous life situations to bring you his unique and beautiful tattoo style.  When opening Bliss Tattoo, he wanted to provide a comfortable and pseudo-spiritual environment, an intergalactic portal, or cradle of loving-kindness in the form of a tattoo studio.  In terms of the distinct and unusual aspects of living in Asheville, North Carolina, Richard feels that Bliss is in the perfect position to offer an exceptional custom tattoo experience that will fulfill your needs to express your individual style in a positive, safe, and healthy way.  While much of his artwork could be seen as somewhat neurotic or loose-screw, he is primarily concerned with the enlightenment of all sentient beings and would love to design a tattoo piece for you that may or may not actually further that goal.  Richard is completely local, and all of his ideas are one hundred percent organic.  He is glad to be a part of Asheville tattooing and would love to talk to you about your next tattoo!